28 April 2010


After talking to my friend Sineade about the new book she brought I thought it was finally time to admit i might have a problem.
She has just pre-ordered the new Stephenie Meyer book and got a free book called Marked http://www.houseofnightseries.com/. To be honest i was a tiny bit shocked, i brought Marked before christmas to get my vampire fix. i was getting slight withdrawals from not reading the twilight books anymore, so i invested in Marked (after an hour and a half in the book shop) I picked it up to read just after christmas, when i had finished reading the bell jar, and dear god i haven't put the series down. As you can see in the photo i have ever House Of Night book that has been written and I'm waiting on the new one (Burned) to come out in England any day now, and the author is currently writing a new one as we speak!!! (i just weed a little)

Right, let me explain what the books are about. They are nothing like twilight, it starts with a girl called Zoey Redbird and she ends up getting marked to become a vampire and then has to go to the House Of Night school, where marked vampires have to learn how to become a vampire. The change process is nothing like I have read before, you get marked with a tattoo to say that you are a vampire in training then you learn everything there is to know about being a full vampire. Then one day you start to change and some make it and change into a vampire and some don't, they drowned in their own blood. basically, its set in America in today's time and the worlds knows about vampires. i don't want to say too much because they are really good. oh and Zoey had major powers!! for those who want some love in it, she ends up having 3 boyfriends at once. read them, they are brilliant and Tesco is doing a buy one get one free on them.

Now, i have started to read The Vampire Diaries, it's NOTHING like the programme that's one TV at the moment but after getting passed the first couple of chapters it's turning out to be a good book but please don't expect it to be anything like it is on TV. I also love Stephan, he is bloody yummie. i have a poster of him on my wall (yeah whatever, i know that's gay but i don't care)

well anyway, i have issues. see ya...... buy the house of night books!!!

Faye Smith xx

27 April 2010

Another day another dollar

Well suns out again so I wore black! It fitted my mode today. Shorts are from camden, armani £10, top topman £1, rough trade bag, tatty devine necklace and rayban sunnies.
It's been a mixed mode week, my sisters been in hospital for a week an half now and I'm getting along really well with both my jobs. So hence me wearing black. I might wear black all summer and thick tights..... Meeeh I'm in a groggy mood.
Anywho enjoy the outfit
Faye xx

19 April 2010


Well... This is different. Aggy has shaved her head for the Coachella festival, im not sure if im liking? she looks even more like a boy! i was enjoying the black bob she had before, take a look.
Faye Smith xx

Saturday night boogie

Hey all,
More photos of myself! This is me out and about in double denim (again) with my 8quid moschino belt.
I got this from the bootsale, it was a bit pricey for a bootsale but well worth it!! The jacket and shorts are from the charity shop and the vest is newlook.
Catch u lot later,
Faye xx

14 April 2010

WANT.. NEED.. LOVE!!!!!!

I want all this stuff, it's yummie!!

the parka is from river island £65, striped skirt river island £12.99 (bargin) mesh body from asos £18, mesh skirt topshop £35, brown wedge £65 and black suede wedge £50 both topshop!!

Faye Smith xx

Bike ride!!

Hello everyone,
This is me getting ready to circle into town. I'm rocking one of my bootsale finds; the playsuit was 50p and it's amazing! My Levi's jacket was 5 quid from a charity shop and the boots were £69 from schuh.
The bikes the best bit, this was one of my Christmas presents from my mother and farther, it's a amsterdam Electra and was 600 with the basket. I'm looking to invest in some saddle bags from a shop in islington.
It's a joy to ride,
Love <3
Faye x

13 April 2010

Chip my little baby!!

Look at my big nose little boy lapping up the sun!
He got all moody cause I was taking a photo of him, that's why his got sad eyes ha ha. Silly bugger!
Just so you know you will probably see alot of photos of him because his my world. Oh his a sausage dog just incase you didn't all know!
Peace out
Faye x x

Lady gaga in Oxford street

I was on a shopping trip in Oxford Street and as I walked past berska (weird shop name, I know) an it had every outfit from th lady gaga featuring beyonce video!!! How's amazing, no one else seemed to notice, I think they just thought I was the local crazy taking snaps if some random window display ha
Well pals have little look see cause I heart that video so much and I heart that window

Faye Smith xx

11 April 2010

Sun in soho

I'm gonna try post photos of my outfits for y'all to look at.
So this was me thursday, I went to soho to have lunch with my boy toy. Cause the sun was out I thought I would mix my denims again!

The jacket, skirt, boots and bag are one of my bargin buys from the charity shops! The cream lace crop is from new look.
Do I look cool? Or do I look a fool?
Peace and love!
Faye Smith xx