24 February 2011

My day-

(my brother Reg)

(his gf and my bezzie Amy)

Brickers with my loved ones!
Amy and Reg in Rough Trade, photo booth snaps to come.

(burger and a pint)

Lilly and her food before the game. Proper guys tonight!

At the arsenal game drinking some lovely cider, <3 her!!

22 February 2011

so watched these last night-

drunk this-
wore this-

(sorry about the gay half shots, i didnt have anyone to snap a snap of me)

WOW i love these girls, they are amazing live!!

17 February 2011

Jessie J

WOWZERS!! iv just listened to all her self videos on you tube.. yikes shes even more amazing now.
I really really want too dye my hair black but will i look this hot?

15 February 2011

And the cakes jim got me from the humming bird bakery, cop-out! Lol

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14 February 2011

Thanks the lord the sun came out today!! I got to showcase my new shades <3 them big time

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Baked up a right treat for the bf

(I got that brevil mixing bowl for Christmas... It's amazing)

I'm a proper house wife, now all I need is the 5th April to hurry up so I can bake cakes in my own kitchen :)

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13 February 2011

Loving my peach Peter pan collar shirt :)

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10 February 2011

6 February 2011


i brought these beauts yesterday at work, cant wait to rock them. might even put up and outfit post
see ya

Faye Smith