21 September 2011

Oh man, I'm wearing my Lindsay

Newlook man :)

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20 September 2011

Oh yo sushi!!

We ate raw beef... Not a fan :s yuk!!

Finally got to go yo sushi!! I'm not deprived, I have eat sushi before but never off one of those vent things. Me and Kellie went abit crazy and just picked up everything we liked the look of.. 9 plates later we were nice and full. Defo going back!!

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Man repelling

Think I might ditch the red lippy for burgundy.. Winter is here after all.
Jacket, army and navy stool. Top, charity shop. Skirt, Asos. Bag, bootsale.

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more photos from sunday

this is chip in his fancy dress
chip playing ball
jim at the start line with chip (4th one from right, kissing chip)
jim and chip

chips off... 2nd dog in from right.
chip leading!!

another race.

chip second
and this was me holding someones dog, but he didnt want to run :/
photos- Yulia Titovets

18 September 2011

Sausage race day :)

The whole gang

Starting line

Mid flow

This is snoopy, he was sitting next to my while the race was happening.

And apart from chip, this sausage Frank was my fav! (the tanned one) he is a standard size

Had such a lovely day with 'dachshunds in London' today, regents park is beautiful. After the races and chip WINNING the fancy dress comp we headed to soho square to eat KFC! Yumm


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16 September 2011

Wow Westfield

Forever 21


Hot chick (Nike my twin)

If you havent been, go!! And if your going, hurry the F up!
Topshop and forever 21 are by far the most amazing, the visual excitement is spot on!!
Forever 21 have 21 man in there store too, though I didn't find anything nice in that department. But I'm liking these store more than I like the Oxford circus ones.

One down point, couldnt find the Starbucks :/

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Dino-dog getting ready for his big race day Sunday :)

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This is how I deal with the sun

I think I love my outfit a little too much today, too many photos!! Too many men, too many men :/ (Vic mardon will understand this)
Maxi, American apparel, too much money. Creepers, underground @office. Necklace, topman. Armour ring, viv westwood. Other Rings, selection. Jacket, very old newlook. Rucksack, don't know, bootsale £1!!! Lol. New Tattoo.. My amazing, lovely Nans name. Bless her.

This face is what I make when stalking the streets of bow... It's my fuck off face before I lick you face. Enjoy

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