30 March 2010


When I was looking at the twenty8twelve spring/summer show I had quick peek and the winter show.… wowzer, I wanted to loads the whole collection on my blog.
I picked my favourite 4, I didn't want to over crowd it.
Enjoy, they are yummy outfits.

Faye Smith xx

Double Bubble...

Well, i woke up this morning thinking that i was gonna try rock the double denim look,
Obviously I took some snaps for you to look at.
sorry about the moody posy face,
Its what happens to me when I take photos of myself... ha :)

my mini tips are to mix the shades of your denim and just to go for it and don't over analyse it.

Here's some photos from the twenty8twelve spring summer 2010

I think you should only go for the shame shade of denim if you a skinny mini

Faye Smith xx

29 March 2010


Hello people,
this is my first post eek.
Im planning on updating this as much as possible, it will be filled with fashion and general shiz about myself. I will probably just talk crap the whole time but whateves. It should be
fun to do and hopefully fun to read!

Faye Smith xx

(p.s this is a cheeky snap for those of you who don't know me)