21 May 2010

oh my GOSH

I had a touch yesterday, one of my favourite things happened to me. I went into Superdrug just to get a Redbull and ended up picking up some make up (as you do) and I was pissed because i did not want to pay £5 quid for a nail varnish, but I wanted it so had to pay it.
As I got to the till the lady scanned my items which was hitting over £10 jib and she said '3.24 please' so I gave her the money and ran! I checked my receipt and the Gosh nail varnish scanned in at £1... how amazing?? i love it when you get to the till and its gone down!! woohoo.. here's the nail varnish

Faye Smith xx

19 May 2010


Hello, my lovely Medway friends come to London for Sarah's birthday (the one with tissue on her) it was a ball, we started off in the Worlds End and ended up in the Hawley Arms.
What a joy-full day...
here are some of the snaps of the drunken event. Enjoy, we did.

The morning after wasnt so great. I woke up with cuts all over me and I felt like crap.
After chatting to my mate cholie she told that after one to many drinks I started to chuck myself in anything that was laying on the floor. Well that explains it, I suppose, it's just abit mental ha. the hangover only lasted a few hours but I still have the cuts!
Chow Bella.
Faye Smith xx

14 May 2010

new do!

my lovely mate Elle needed to cut my hair for her level 3, so i allowed her. This was the out come, iv wanted the side shaved for a long while but she didnt have the bulls todo it.
enjoy! I love it

Faye Smith xx

13 May 2010

Yikey rumber

OMG!! Toy storey 3 is out soon. How excited is everyone?.... Well I am. I must watch 1&2 like every week. I love the fact that there is 2 sausage dogs in the second one, one being slinky and the other the house pet that takes woody down to the "yard sale" to save buzz.
I kinda wish that I had andy inked on my foot, that woul be the coolest tattoo ever!!
Well anyway enough crap, here's a photo of me look well too 'appy infront of the toy storey 3 poster!! Eeek

Faye Smith xx

12 May 2010


this is what i went home with...

Top is New Look £14, i brought the trousers in navy, zara £39.99 and the shoe boots are New Look £40

Faye Smith xx