7 June 2010

my love

This my gorgeous amazing friend Hannah Lou, I went to visit her this weekend so i thought i would snap some photos of her room. She wonderfully creative! I love her.

friday afternoon booze up

1 June 2010


Dunton boot-sale is just brill. Me, Jim and Chip got up at 4.30 to go sell some of our crap. We were absolutely dead for the whole day and it's so hard to sell your stuff for decent money, people dont want to pay anything. We had people bartering us down from 50p to 25p for a Ralph Lauren jacket!?? mad. My mother and father came about 9 to help us out which was good cause they dont budge when it comes to prices. (and it also allowed me time to have a little noisy around, i got 2 polka dot shirts, a satchel, a cardi and 4 lovely tops for my skin and blister. so after a rat burger and 2 cups of tea, we made £124, which i was super chuffed with. Enjoy the photos.

Chip sat in the car most of the time because he was cold. hahaha his so lazy!!

Faye Smith xx